Beat the Summer Rush

It’s springtime in Texas so you’re probably seeing a lot of these right about now. Families will hold up traffic by parking on the side of the road to take this year’s bluebonnet photos. If you’re new to Texas, you’ll come to cherish these little inconveniences.

I love springtime. The weather is beautiful, the grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and it just makes you want to be outside. A rare thing in these parts. Thank goodness spring is finally here…wait. It’s almost over. But it just STARTED!

In about six weeks, spring will be long gone and summer will be upon us, which means triple digit temperatures and a whole lot of folks looking for apartments. And if you remember anything from your high school economics class, you know that higher demand means higher prices.

For some reason, people like to move in the summer time. I’ve never figured out why, especially since shuffling boxes is even less fun in 90% humidity and the heat makes it impossible to decide whether you should pack that knit poncho you haven’t worn in years instead of sending it to Goodwill.  But the truth is that late spring and summer are very busy months in apartment leasing. If you want to lock in a good rate on your next apartment, you need to act quickly.

Now is the time to find the perfect spot before rates start going up. There are tons of beautiful properties inside the loop, many of them are brand new, surprisingly affordable (for now), and offer tons of extras and amenities. If you want to get settled before summertime, it’s crunch time. Call me and I’ll help you find a great apartment and beat the summer rush.

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