Beer-Tasting in Downtown

Don’t you just love those all-too-common Texas days when it starts out with chirping birds and sunny skies and by afternoon, you do well just to hold on to your hat? It’s a-pourin’ rain this weekend, so what in the world is a hard-working, urban professional to do on a dark, wet Saturday?

In California, where it almost never rains and it’s sunny 360 days a year, they support imbibing before noon in the name of the well-known art of wine-tasting. They swill their glasses of sauvignon blanc and pretend it’s about the WINE.

Well, we do a bit of our own wine-tasting here in Texas. (Yes, actual wine.) But if you want to spend a little time with fermented beverages, you need to visit the Saint Arnold Brewery in Downtown if you haven’t already.

In case you didn’t know, Saint Arnold Brewery is the oldest craft brewery in the state. It’s a small operation that does everything in house, from brewing to bottling to shipping. They have at least twelve beers, stouts, and root beers, all with their signature, full-flavored taste.

Shiner tends to take all the glory for Texas-made beers. Maybe that’s because Saint Arnold Brewery only serves the state of Texas. That’s right. You can’t get it anywhere else. This brewery sticks to a rare commitment to freshness in the distribution process, which is why they stick to the Texas market that already keeps them pretty busy. You gotta love a small operation that values quality over quantity.

Beer-lovers with the same mantra will love this historic micro-brewery in the heart of the Downtown. Tours are six days a week, starting at noon on Saturday, so you can still make it! Just $7 gets you the full tour and four samples, and your very own Saint Arnold Souvenir glass. Appreciate the patience and precision required to produce one of Texas’s favorite beverages!

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