Benjys on Washington

No, not the 80’s TV show about a scruffy, heroic dog. There’s nothing scruffy about this place.

Benjy’s has been a major contender in the Houston food scene ever since the original location opened in the Village several years ago. Houston diners loved the modern yet warm interiors, unbeatable happy hour specials, and the top notch modern American cuisine. In fact, Benjy’s became so popular, so in-demand, that they expanded to a second location on Washington Avenue.

And the people rejoiced! Yay!

Benjy’s on Washington is now one of the trendiest all-around night spots on the corridor. It’s perfect for dinner, drinks, or parking for the night on the roof top bar. They even have an incredible weekend brunch menu, which makes it possible for you to squeeze in some serious Benjy’s time on the weekends.

One of the greatest things about Benjy’s is the superior service. Staff at upscale restaurants can be aloof and alienating, enough to make anyone feel like they don’t belong there. But Benjy’s turns its nose up at the “too-cool-for-school” persona. Instead, Benjy’s staff is attentive, warm, personable, and obliging. The juggle even the most hectic dining room with poise. Some call it the Southern Way. Others call it just darn good business.

As a result of the overall atmosphere and vibe at Benjy’s, many have come to adopt it as their “spot,” their go-to lounge for fine-dining, drinks, and weekend schmoozing. However, it was the delicious food at the original Benjy’s location that made the name famous.

Some say that Benjy’s on Washington has fallen victim to a common fate in the restaurant business in which expansion derails quality. Some critics and even diners have said that the food experience at the Benjy’s II doesn’t compare to the original. Try and see for yourself. When you do, I’m sure you’ll find that Benjy’s on Washington has a lot to offer its patrons in addition to great food.

Benjy’s has two locations, one on Washington Avenue on the West End and one in Rice Village on the corner of Dunstan and Kelvin. See you there soon!


  1. Aug 5th, 2010


    GReat place great bartender!

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