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Mid-rise Apartments with Downtown Views Coming Soon!

Elan Heights, a 10-story midrise with 327 units, will occupy a prime site at the Taylor Street bridge near Woodland Heights where the aging Skyline Central apartments once stood. Designed by Meeks + Partners, the new complex at 2222 White Oak Dr. will include seven floors of units, with three stories of parking below on the 1.84-acre lot. The […]

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Best of Houston

So, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s November. Yeah. Oh 2010, where hast thou gone? I might be alone in my mourning for a year that is going by entirely too quickly. But on the other hand, I’m just 30 days away from being able to listen to Christmas music with my head […]

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Signs of a Bad Neighborhood

I bet you’ve done this. I know I have. You’re driving around in Houston, maybe you know where you’re going, maybe you don’t, but you turn a corner and BAM–you’re not in Kansas anymore. I like to think of Houston as a fairly safe city. But the truth is that all big cities in the […]

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Giving (To Your Leasing Agent! Yes!!) so You Can Receive

We live in a pretty informal world down here in Houston. Even the who’s who of Houston don’t fuss with using the right fork or dressing for dinner. But there are still unspoken gestures in life–and in business–that no one wants to break. I still feel ashamed every time I forget to send a thank-you […]

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Breaking Your Lease

I’ve never been a fan of break-ups. They’re never fun, even when everybody knows it’s the best thing for everybody. But sometimes you have to throw in the towel, am I right? Luckily, breaking your lease is easier than breaking up with your 10th grade boyfriend. But everyone seems to think it’s impossible to break […]

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