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Living is good at The Fairmont

What happens when you take a little bit of Paris and a pinch of Abu Dhabi and mix it with a whole lot of Montrose? You get Fairmont Museum District, of course.

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Best of Houston

So, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s November. Yeah. Oh 2010, where hast thou gone? I might be alone in my mourning for a year that is going by entirely too quickly. But on the other hand, I’m just 30 days away from being able to listen to Christmas music with my head […]

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Giving (To Your Leasing Agent! Yes!!) so You Can Receive

We live in a pretty informal world down here in Houston. Even the who’s who of Houston don’t fuss with using the right fork or dressing for dinner. But there are still unspoken gestures in life–and in business–that no one wants to break. I still feel ashamed every time I forget to send a thank-you […]

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Stay Awhile

Home Base Services is really so much more than a luxury apartment agency. I’m proud to work with a company that is committed to helping its customers find what they need no matter what. Even if you aren’t moving to Houston permanently, they can still help you find a great place to stay for the […]

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Breaking Your Lease

I’ve never been a fan of break-ups. They’re never fun, even when everybody knows it’s the best thing for everybody. But sometimes you have to throw in the towel, am I right? Luckily, breaking your lease is easier than breaking up with your 10th grade boyfriend. But everyone seems to think it’s impossible to break […]

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How Much Does Renting Cost?

These days, everything has hidden costs. I know nothing in life is free, but it would be nice to get something for free every once in a while, wouldn’t it? Take home buying, for example, In addition to the cost of the actual home (mortgage, monthly payments, down payments, etc), the transaction itself can literally […]

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Beat the Summer Rush

It’s springtime in Texas so you’re probably seeing a lot of these right about now. Families will hold up traffic by parking on the side of the road to take this year’s bluebonnet photos. If you’re new to Texas, you’ll come to cherish these little inconveniences. I love springtime. The weather is beautiful, the grass […]

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Apartment Raters: Friend or Foe?

Everything can be rated online these days. Movies. Restaurants. Plumbers. College professors. And, yes, even apartments. There is a public evaluation space for almost every apartment development in the nation. Shopping for an apartment? Log on to one of these spaces and get the cold hard facts about the place from folks just like you: […]

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Gables West Avenue

To our left, you’ll see a picture of what is soon to be the hottest new development inside the loop. Gables West Avenue is in the final stages of construction and their ultra-chic, upscale apartments are currently available for lease. Everyone in Houston real estate is talking about this project and we can’t wait to […]

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What Clients are saying

“FANTASTIC I am a young professional that recently moved to Houston from the Northeast. I contacted a few apartment locators to assist me with my apartment search. By far the best service.! They sent me a document with over 15 apartment complexes that were my price range within hours. Each apartment was outlined with descriptions, pictures, and a spreadsheet listing pricing, address, squarefeet, videos, availability, month terms etc. Mackenzie was also FANTASTIC. She always had my best interest in mind and was so kind throughout the process. You could really tell that she cared about the customer and enjoyed what she was doing. Whenever I had a question, she would be prompt to respond and would check in to see how things were going from start to finish. She made the apartment process, which tends to be very hectic and frustrating one of ease and tranquility. I have recommended this company to others and will continue to! Keep up the good work.”


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