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Because Tacos Always Sound Good

For too long now, Austin has been the designated food city of Texas. Its food truck trend put Austin on the proverbial food map. I’ve always felt Houston’s food scene is underrated and unfairly eclipsed by Austin. In a city this size, you are going to be met with a wealth of diverse and unique […]

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Houston Can Do the Cool-Coffee-House Thing, Too: Onion Creek

Austin gets all the attention for being cool, and it’s really not fair, because Houston can be just as cool if not cooler. So there. Jokes aside, many people, even native Texans, think Austin is the only place they can find hip, one-of-a-kind eateries, bohemian-esque neighborhoods, and quirky shops. And it just isn’t the case. […]

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AMLI City Vista Apartments

In a city the size of Houston (the 4th largest city in the US, for the record), location is everything when it comes to finding the perfect apartment. And location means more than just a fancy address. It’s about convenience and economy as well as lifestyle. Residents at City Vista Apartments have everything you could […]

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What Clients are saying

“Fantastic resource! After days online trying to narrow down apartments to a short list for a family member relocating to Houston, I ran across Mackenzie and within an hour of filling out their form Mackensie called back and saved me from hundreds of new grey hairs! I cannot recommend this company strongly enough, and Mackensie specifically…DO NOT waste your time with any other service.”


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