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Because Tacos Always Sound Good

For too long now, Austin has been the designated food city of Texas. Its food truck trend put Austin on the proverbial food map. I’ve always felt Houston’s food scene is underrated and unfairly eclipsed by Austin. In a city this size, you are going to be met with a wealth of diverse and unique […]

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Neighborhood Crash Course: Midtown

Before the revitalization of the Washington Corridor, Midtown was unchallenged in its position as the hottest neighborhood inside the loop. Now it has a bit of competition. But Midtown is still as cool as it ever was. If you’re looking for a trendy neighborhood where you can see and be seen, you’ll never need to […]

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Find yourself in City Place

CityPlace Midtown sets the bar extremely high for fine living in Houston. And that’s saying something. This luxurious property is Mad Men meets the Jetsons meets Elle Décor and I mean that in the best way possible. Set foot in this place and you’ll fall in love.

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Spec’s Liquor – Midtown

Spec’s in Midtown With Thanksgiving just a week away, I have food on the brain. I’m sure this state of mind will dissolve next Thursday the moment I throw my fork down in surrender. But in the meantime, I’m consumed (ha! consumed!) by all the yumminess headed my way. It’s times like these when I […]

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Nouveau Antique Art Bar: Not Your Nana’s Watering Hole

If you’re getting a little weary of the pointy furniture and slick surfaces of too many “trendy” urban clubs and bars, there’s a solution in Midtown. Everyone needs an elegant, sophisticated, but welcoming default night spot that doesn’t try too hard to be cool. Nouveau Antique Art Bar in Midtown might just be the place. […]

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Washington Avenue, Folks

Yes. That is the thermometer in my car. Yes, it reads 106 degrees. It’s official. Summer has arrived in Houston. I’ll pause while you program your A/C repairman’s phone number into speed dial. It’s summertime, folks. And you know it’s summertime, almost, anyway, because Memorial Day is upon us. I hope everyone has some fun […]

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Neighborhoods Crash Course + The ORIGINAL

Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S., which means that life in Houston can be very different depending on which neighborhood you live in. Inside the loop or outside? North or south? Downtown or uptown? When you’re still trying to figure out just how to get from one end of town to the […]

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AMLI City Vista Apartments

In a city the size of Houston (the 4th largest city in the US, for the record), location is everything when it comes to finding the perfect apartment. And location means more than just a fancy address. It’s about convenience and economy as well as lifestyle. Residents at City Vista Apartments have everything you could […]

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What Clients are saying

“Words connot descirbe what a amazing agent Mackenie Blair is!!  We drove from Atlanta, and became easily frustrated trying to scout out the city on our own.  After a call to Mackenzie, she met us late in the afternoon on her own time, and took us to two great locations.  She also spent the following day with us, and truly found us a great place to live on our tight budget!  We were hit by another driver during the process, and she was still professional and upbeat.  She’s such a joy to work with: super organized, outgoing and made Houston feel more like home!  Thank you so much Mackenzie!  Would recommend her to anyone and everyone!!”

-Josh and Mary H.

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