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Y’all Come Back Now

For today’s post, I would like to give a little shout out to Elle Decor. They recently made a stop in Houston in order to complete an 8-page article about our city and its many hidden treasures. I have to say, they did us right, y’all! (You can read the entire article here.) For those […]

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Trick or Treat Time!

There are many advantages to being a grown-up. No curfews, for one. But every year since I became too old to go house to house on Halloween night, I’ve missed the cool fall weather, the thrill of getting Reese’s instead of Smarties, and dressing up as something genuinely awesome, like a fried egg. In the […]

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Don’t-Miss September Events in Houston

Summer might be over. But September has plenty to offer you, with tons of awesome events happening inside the loop and around the Houston area. Here are my top picks! Rice vs. Texas in Reliant Stadium On Saturday, September 4, 2010, an old rivalry in Texas college football will have a long over-due rematch. Rice […]

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August Calendar Stuff

Yes, it’s already August. I know. All that stuff you said you’d do this summer–like lose ten pounds, unpack your boxes, or do something new on a Friday night–you have one month left! Luckily, there’s some really fun stuff going on in Houston this month. While there are no more “summer breaks” after college (tear), […]

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Neighborhood Crash Course: Montrose

Those who have never been to Houston think smog, traffic, and humidity when they imagine our beloved city. Well, they’re not entirely off point. But many people also assume that Houston is not a diverse city, that it’s a homogeneous place where everyone looks, thinks, and does that same things as everyone else. Nothing could […]

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Umm, Because It’s Free?

Big city life has tons of perks. Everything is at your fingertips. Restaurants. Clubs. Shopping. Events. And…city life can get a little pricey. And the cost of living isn’t exactly going down. So what are we supposed to do? Become shut-ins? Lurk around our downtown Houston apartments buffing our granite counter tops to a mirror […]

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