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Neighborhoods Crash Course: Uptown & Galleria

As if one downtown weren’t enough, Houston has two of them. Downtown is literally and figuratively the center of it all. Executives love the glamorous high rises, sky walks, and cool tunnels. But Downtown lacks some essentials necessary for year-round residence. Uptown, on the other hand, has it all. If anything, Houston’s glamorous Uptown neighborhood […]

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Getting Around

Sometimes I’m completely overwhelmed by how big this city really is. When I think about all the newcomers, I have a lot of sympathy. It’s one thing to move here. But it’s another thing entirely to get around the city with ease and confidence. And in one piece. Driving in Houston is a skill all […]

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Texas Beaches are Not Lost

If you moved to Houston from the inland, you were probably pretty excited to be within easy driving distance from the beach. But I bet you were a little disappointed when you got there. Houston area beaches aren’t the best. I’ll be the first to admit that. If you’re expecting white sand and electric blue […]

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