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Benjys on Washington

No, not the 80’s TV show about a scruffy, heroic dog. There’s nothing scruffy about this place. Benjy’s has been a major contender in the Houston food scene ever since the original location opened in the Village several years ago. Houston diners loved the modern yet warm interiors, unbeatable happy hour specials, and the top […]

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Neighborhood Crash Course: Rice University

Rice University is a very unique area of Houston. You can easily forget you’re in the nation’s 4th largest city as you cruise the streets of this ‘quaint’ neighborhood. Students bombard the crosswalks with books in hand, mom’s chauffeur their kids here and there. It’s a town within a town. The Rice district obviously revolves […]

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Houston Can Do the Cool-Coffee-House Thing, Too: Onion Creek

Austin gets all the attention for being cool, and it’s really not fair, because Houston can be just as cool if not cooler. So there. Jokes aside, many people, even native Texans, think Austin is the only place they can find hip, one-of-a-kind eateries, bohemian-esque neighborhoods, and quirky shops. And it just isn’t the case. […]

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Shopping Report: Lot 8 Boutique

We all know Houston has an endless supply of great shopping (um, Galleria?). It’s the best place on the Texas Gulf Coast to give your plastic a little workout. Watch out or you’ll wear out that magnetic strip. Even then, it’s easy to get stuck going to the same shops year after year. That’s not […]

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