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The Red Room: It Really is Red

If you think you’ve been to all the cool bars in Houston, believe me, you haven’t. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, I stumble across another night spot that literally takes my breath away. And the Red Room in River Oaks is no exception. Tucked away and surrounded by offices and shops that […]

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Ten Reasons to Make Houston Your Home

Houston gets a lot of bad press. Frankly, it breaks my little heart the way people beat up on us. The weather’s lousy, they say. We’re in a swamp. Everybody has guns. Mosquitoes are the size of parakeets. Crime is on the rise. It takes forever to get anywhere. It’s too hot to live. Blah, […]

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The Tasting Room

Wine enthusiasts in Houston rejoiced and danced a jig when this establishment first opened up in 2003. The Tasting Room is THE place for veteran wine lovers and newbies. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of Napa Valley the minute you walk in the door (minus the rolling hills, vineyards, and 65 degree weather, […]

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Berryhill Love

Let me start off by saying this post is not written for long-time Houston residents. I would not insult your intelligence by assuming that you have never heard of Berryhill Baja Grill. I would not assume that you don’t actually know the exact location of the closest Berryhill in reference to your home, your office, […]

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Gables West Avenue

To our left, you’ll see a picture of what is soon to be the hottest new development inside the loop. Gables West Avenue is in the final stages of construction and their ultra-chic, upscale apartments are currently available for lease. Everyone in Houston real estate is talking about this project and we can’t wait to […]

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What Clients are saying

“The services provided were truly remarkable! Our consultant was highly energetic. She was responsive to our needs and desires, easily available through email and phone and made it feel like a good friend was showing us around town instead of some stranger. ”

-Stephen Huhn

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