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9 Tips to help you PASS a home inspection!

Preparing for a home inspection? Check out these tips to help you PASS! Remove Clutter As perhaps the simplest step towards passing a home inspection, owners are advised to remove clutter. Basic cleaning will allow inspectors to view areas with little intrusion. This includes the space under your sinks and anywhere else an inspector may […]

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“Watch out Houston!” The most ticketed streets in Houston.

Watch out, Houston drivers. Data from the city’s Parking Management Division reveals that three streets in Houston are hotspots for parking tickets. Coming in third, Travis Street in downtown Houston sees 3,800 parking citations issued on it each year . Caroline Street from Franklin to Hermann Park came in second with 4,500 tickets handed out a year. Houston’s towing hot […]

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Fighting Back During Mosquito Season

No one likes mosquitoes, especially me. But after a warm winter and a rainy spring, they are out in full force. With memories of last summer’s horrific fires still fresh in our minds, the steady rain is a welcome gift. The mosquitoes, however, are not. Some say we’re having one of the worst mosquito seasons […]

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Tips for a Lower Summer Energy Bill

This week’s heat was just a preview of what’s to come in July and August. Houstonians aren’t strangers to triple-digit, summer heat. So when it happens, we sometimes forget that temperatures that high can be expensive, destructive and downright dangerous. Exercisers refuse to skip their evening runs–even if it’s still in the high 90s at […]

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It’s Not Me, It’s You: On Bad Driving in Houston

Bad driving is one of the biggest points of contention for Houstonians and visitors to this city. If you Google Houston, no doubt you’ll find tons of hits and forums where people complain endlessly about how terrible Houston drivers are. People pull out in front of you. Drive next to you in YOUR lane. Blah, […]

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