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A Pre-Fathers Day Treat! Touching Story about a Father and Son

Words of wisdom or tough love? “I, Leon Spierer, will be the first one who will take you out of this orchestra if things don’t work,” one caring father said. Carlos Spierer will never forget these stern words of advice spoken by his father. Leon Spierer, then the first concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonicunder the baton of Herbert […]

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A Doughnut Food Truck? YES PLEASE!

Houston’s collective obsession with the pastry-of-the-moment goes through cycles. First, it was cupcakes. Now, we’re entranced by macaroons as part of a wave of bakeries (with more coming) making the French delicacy. It appears that, too, will soon be passé as the new, new thing arrives — gourmet doughnuts emulating the trend of shops like Gourdoughs […]

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Neighborhood Crash Course: Downtown

Downtown, baby. Where it all began. Everyday, millions of people in the Gulf Coast area get in their cars and start the trek toward a little area called Downtown Houston. You can see it from almost 20 miles away and it is one of the most visible and recognizable skylines in the modern, urban world. […]

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Neighborhood Crash Course: Montrose

Those who have never been to Houston think smog, traffic, and humidity when they imagine our beloved city. Well, they’re not entirely off point. But many people also assume that Houston is not a diverse city, that it’s a homogeneous place where everyone looks, thinks, and does that same things as everyone else. Nothing could […]

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Neighborhood Crash Course: The Heights

If Houston were a high school, the Heights would be class favorite. If it were a beauty pageant, the Heights would win Miss Congeniality. If it were “Everybody Loves Raymond,” the Heights would be–you guessed it–Raymond. Everybody loves the Heights. How could you not? It’s cool. It’s hip. It’s eclectic. It’s got loads of character, […]

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Neighborhoods Crash Course + The ORIGINAL

Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S., which means that life in Houston can be very different depending on which neighborhood you live in. Inside the loop or outside? North or south? Downtown or uptown? When you’re still trying to figure out just how to get from one end of town to the […]

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