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Kemah Boardwalk

Since the closing of Six Flags Astroworld several years ago, Houstonians have been making the trek out to the Kemah Boardwalk to satisfy their hunger for wild rides. Then in 2008, the unthinkable happened: Kemah was virtually destroyed by Hurricane Ike. But now, the cherished attractions at Kemah are back and better than ever. And […]

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Moving Season Style Guide

Summer is a busy time for Houstonians on the move. Everyone wants to move in the summertime, despite the rising temperatures. If you have a summer move planned, better make it happen sooner rather than later, because it’s only going to get hotter. But moving to a sleek new apartment can also make your old […]

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Washington Avenue, Folks

Yes. That is the thermometer in my car. Yes, it reads 106 degrees. It’s official. Summer has arrived in Houston. I’ll pause while you program your A/C repairman’s phone number into speed dial. It’s summertime, folks. And you know it’s summertime, almost, anyway, because Memorial Day is upon us. I hope everyone has some fun […]

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Houston Can Do the Cool-Coffee-House Thing, Too: Onion Creek

Austin gets all the attention for being cool, and it’s really not fair, because Houston can be just as cool if not cooler. So there. Jokes aside, many people, even native Texans, think Austin is the only place they can find hip, one-of-a-kind eateries, bohemian-esque neighborhoods, and quirky shops. And it just isn’t the case. […]

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Sawyer Park

Some dark, smelly sports bars give the entire lot a bad name. But Sawyer Park is setting the bar way, way high. This spot sends up its love for sports of all kinds with more TVs than you can shake a stick at. But they’ve hit a grand slam with atmosphere, so much so that […]

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