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Trading Up: A Popular West Coast Market Invades Houston

West Coasters may not be able to settle the Portland versus Los Angeles debate. But they all agree on one thing: Trader’s Joe’s is one of the greatest things since sliced bread. Trader Joe’s is a privately held specialty grocery store chain with locations mostly in southern California. But due to popular demand, the chain […]

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The Queen Vic – Houston’s Dressed-up Pub

I’ve been driving by The Queen Vic for a while and meaning to venture inside. The gilded sign and charming terrace seemed worth a visit. But when it came time to pick a restaurant on Friday nights, this pub-with-a-twist never came to mind because it’s tucked away on Richmond, past the chaos of the Kirby […]

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Houston is Talking about Pondicheri

Residents at Gables West Avenue have been waiting patiently for all those lonely-looking commercial spaces to find owners. Things are getting cozy now that a gourmet pizza spot, couture bridal salons, and Tootsie’s have opened their doors. And the newest addition is causing some serious buzz. Pondicheri went live a few weeks ago and Houston […]

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Neighborhood Crash Course: Upper Kirby

Upper Kirby is one of the newer neighborhood designations in Houston. But what it lacks in age it makes up for in glamour. This extension of Houston’s prestigious River Oaks neighborhood boasts high end shopping, location overload, some of the city’s big name restaurants. As an offshoot of River Oaks, I don’t need to paint […]

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The Red Room: It Really is Red

If you think you’ve been to all the cool bars in Houston, believe me, you haven’t. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, I stumble across another night spot that literally takes my breath away. And the Red Room in River Oaks is no exception. Tucked away and surrounded by offices and shops that […]

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Treat Yourself

Houston humidity is the enemy. I know Texas is known for big hair and flashy clothes (where do you think the term “buckle bunny” comes from?), but this is not season one of ‘Dallas.’ We’ve got both feet in the 21st century, here. But my hair didn’t get the memo. That’s right, I am one […]

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Beck’s Prime: Deliciously Fast

Whoever thinks fast food has to be disgusting, tasteless, food-like nastiness has clearly never been to Becks Prime. Becks puts every other fast food chain on the planet to shame. And anyone who gets a coveted taste of one of their famous burgers is fated to become a loyal customer. It’s the plight of every […]

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Gables West Avenue

To our left, you’ll see a picture of what is soon to be the hottest new development inside the loop. Gables West Avenue is in the final stages of construction and their ultra-chic, upscale apartments are currently available for lease. Everyone in Houston real estate is talking about this project and we can’t wait to […]

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What Clients are saying

“My husband and I relocated to Houston from the West coast and I thought I could find the perfect place on my own because Houston is my hometown. Rookie mistake. I spent hours searching with no luck and I felt I was on a wild goose chase. I told Mackenzie what I was looking for and after just one short afternoon of touring her hand-selected properties, I had a beautiful place with everything on my wish list (and more) within two miles of my new office. It was just too easy.”

-Kate, cPanel, Inc.

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