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New Listing in Rice Military Coming Soon! 3 Bedroom/3 Bath Townhome

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Sawyer Heights Lofts

Sawyer Heights Lofts blend the conveniences of apartment living with the trendiness of a loft. With amenities you’ll actually use and a killer location, lots of young professionals in Houston are waiting for their chance to snag an address at this popular Washington property. This property has an urban style that appeals to many different […]

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Benjys on Washington

No, not the 80’s TV show about a scruffy, heroic dog. There’s nothing scruffy about this place. Benjy’s has been a major contender in the Houston food scene ever since the original location opened in the Village several years ago. Houston diners loved the modern yet warm interiors, unbeatable happy hour specials, and the top […]

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Pearl Bar

Some people think that trendy Washington Avenue is getting a little too big for its britches. In other words, things are getting touch too high brow on the corridor, what with some clubs and bars only letting certain people in, and charging through the nose for drinks, and just generally losing its laid-back, coolness. Washington […]

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Washington Avenue, Folks

Yes. That is the thermometer in my car. Yes, it reads 106 degrees. It’s official. Summer has arrived in Houston. I’ll pause while you program your A/C repairman’s phone number into speed dial. It’s summertime, folks. And you know it’s summertime, almost, anyway, because Memorial Day is upon us. I hope everyone has some fun […]

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Neighborhood Crash Course: The Heights

If Houston were a high school, the Heights would be class favorite. If it were a beauty pageant, the Heights would win Miss Congeniality. If it were “Everybody Loves Raymond,” the Heights would be–you guessed it–Raymond. Everybody loves the Heights. How could you not? It’s cool. It’s hip. It’s eclectic. It’s got loads of character, […]

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Sawyer Park

Some dark, smelly sports bars give the entire lot a bad name. But Sawyer Park is setting the bar way, way high. This spot sends up its love for sports of all kinds with more TVs than you can shake a stick at. But they’ve hit a grand slam with atmosphere, so much so that […]

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AMLI City Vista Apartments

In a city the size of Houston (the 4th largest city in the US, for the record), location is everything when it comes to finding the perfect apartment. And location means more than just a fancy address. It’s about convenience and economy as well as lifestyle. Residents at City Vista Apartments have everything you could […]

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“Excellent, friendly and professional: Mackenzie went beyond what we expected  Not only she provided plenty of information, but she gave us a lot of insights about the city. We definitely recommend her service to anyone planning to move to Houston!!”


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