Eat Up

Friday is upon us! At long last! The weekend is almost here, which also means that you have just two more days to jump in on Houston Restaurant Week

I know, it’s not fair. They keep brandishing us for being the “fattest city in Texas” but then they have events like “Houston Restaurant Week” but it’s really three weeks and they guilt trip us by making it a charitable event and then we start equating “eating” with “philanthropy” and then it’s all down hill from there.

If this isn’t sabotage, I don’t know what is. 

But really, Houston Restaurant Week is one of the city’s best annual events and one of the easiest and most fun ways to contribute to the hunger cause in Houston. Houston Restaurant Week is actually three weeks long, from August 1st to August 21st (Saturday) 2010. (Check here for future dates.) During this three week event, 130 restaurants participate and donate funds to the Houston Food Bank based on how much you eat!

In addition to being a charitable event, it’s also a budget friendly event. Some fundraisers are hundreds of dollars per person and they only last one night. This one is actually cost effective, which entices more people to participate and to meet their goals of sampling more of the city’s fabulous culinary scene.
During the event, participating restaurants offer:

$35 Dinner – 3 Courses (4 courses at some restaurants)
Restaurants will donate $5 per dinner sold to the Houston Food Bank

$20 Lunch- 2 Courses (3 courses at some restaurants)
Restaurants will donate $3 per lunch sold to the Houston Food Bank

So for three awesome weeks in August, you can visit some of Houston’s best restaurants and enjoy an amazing 2-course lunch or 3-course dinner that supports the Houston Food Bank. 
The event website publishes the complete list of participating restaurants. But you’ll be happy to know that it’s not just the TGI Friday’s chipping in. Restaurants jump at the chance to participate, so you’ll be dining at some of the trendiest, most talked-about restaurants. And did I mention it’s for a good cause?

So, if you’re not sure where to eat tonight (or tomorrow) and you haven’t experienced the awesomeness that is Houston Restaurant Week, choose a new spot to try from the list or even an old favorite and make a contribution to stopping hunger in Houston over a 3-course meal. Contribution has never been easier (or more tasty).

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