Gables West Avenue

To our left, you’ll see a picture of what is soon to be the hottest new development inside the loop. Gables West Avenue is in the final stages of construction and their ultra-chic, upscale apartments are currently available for lease.

Everyone in Houston real estate is talking about this project and we can’t wait to get our little paws on it. Gables West Avenue is Disney Land for grown-ups. There’s just no other way to say it.

The units themselves are everything you’d expect to find in an Upper Kirby/River Oaks property. Every detail is attended to. Only the finest materials and appliances have been used. The apartments feature fantastic views of Houston and even have iPod docking stations and surround sound throughout the apartment. The list literally goes on and on. I could easily write ten posts on just the units!

But then there’s the overall development, which is a little piece of community planning genius. The ground levels will house high end shops and restaurants. There’s a luxurious infinity pool, concierge, a media room (with a Wii Fit and a popcorn machine, of course), and a gym. There’s even a state-of-the-art kitchen with regular cooking classes! Residents can also feel good knowing their community is maintained using eco-friendly practices. The Gables West Avenue designers literally thought of everything and then they thought of more stuff after that.

If you don’t believe me, check out the brochure. You can also watch a virtual tour and check out photos on the website. Be prepared to fall in love, folks!

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My husband and I relocated to Houston from the West coast and I thought I could find the perfect place on my own because Houston is my hometown. Rookie mistake. I spent hours searching with no luck and I felt I was on a wild goose chase. I told Mackenzie what I was looking for and after just one short afternoon of touring her hand-selected properties, I had a beautiful place with everything on my wish list (and more) within two miles of my new office. It was just too easy.
-Kate, cPanel, Inc.

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