Get Fit, Houston

The new year’s resolution to lose fifteen pounds, eat healthier, exercise daily, etc. might be a cliche. But it’s one cliche to keep around. We need to focus on our health at least one time of year to stay on-track because most of us are too busy, over-worked and over-scheduled the other eleven months for five a.m. workouts.

The first step toward a healthier new year is usually a new gym membership. Houston has lots of options for gyms, whether you want a luxury atmosphere, a family environment or a no-frills gym where you can be in and out:

Chains – All the national fitness franchises are represented in Houston. Choose from 24 Hour Fitness, Bally, Lifetime and Gold’s Gym. Fitness chains can be ideal because your membership is usually affordable, you have access to locations throughout the city and you already know what to expect. However, they can be more crowded, especially between January and March.

Local Fitness  – If you’re looking for a more personal touch, a privately owned gym might be for you. Timberline Fitness on Montrose Boulevard is known for expert staff and personal training.

Luxury – Some Houstonians needs glamor, even while they sweat. If you like to enjoy a little atmosphere while you work out, you might consider FIT, which has been voted the best gym in Houston several years running. However, the Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa is the ultimate gym experience.

YMCA – The Y is an ideal choice for those who want to do more with their gym fee than buy access to weights and treadmills. The YMCA provides after school activities for kids and at-risk youth, among other beneficial programs. Their gym fees can be more costly than your average fitness center, but you can customize your membership based on your budget.

Yoga – If you want to “om” your way to a healthier, leaner frame, Yoga One in Midtown is a wonderful yoga studio. They offer lots of classes featuring different yoga practices as well as affordable class cards that never expire. For those exploring yoga for the first time, Yoga One is a great place to start.

We can always hope to get a little bit healthier every year. What are your resolutions for 2012?

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