Halloween is here! (Almost)

Years ago, there was only one way to celebrate Halloween in Houston: Fright Fest at Astroworld. Well, those days are long gone. But you still have plenty of options if you’d like to get more than one wear out of your homemade costume:

Scream on the Green

Discovery Green steps up yet again to provide free events and entertainment. This year’s Screen on the Green will be a great Halloween event, with food, music, costume contests and a lot more. Head out to Discover Green on October 29 from 6-10 pm and have a lot of fun for a price you can’t beat.

Ghost Tours

Houston and the Houston area present lots of fun ghost tours. Maybe it’s the history, or the hurricanes, or the old mansions, but you can take a ghost tour in almost every Houston neighborhood, including The Heights, Downtown and Galveston. Soak up a little history and see a side of the city you may have missed.

Happy Halloween Mansion at the Children’s Museum of Houston

When I was a kid, I wanted to Halloween to come at least twice a year, maybe more. Once a year just wasn’t enough. If haunted houses are too scary and trick or treating isn’t enough to make sure your kiddos get their Halloween fix, check our the Happy Halloween Mansion at the Children’s Museum of Houston. Surely two weeks of candy and costumes is enough.

If you need more Halloween events to fill your calendar, check out the schedule at, an endless source of fun events and attractions in Houston. Every have a fun and safe Halloween!

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