Houston Can Do the Cool-Coffee-House Thing, Too: Onion Creek

Austin gets all the attention for being cool, and it’s really not fair, because Houston can be just as cool if not cooler. So there. Jokes aside, many people, even native Texans, think Austin is the only place they can find hip, one-of-a-kind eateries, bohemian-esque neighborhoods, and quirky shops. And it just isn’t the case. You can find Austin-cool all over Houston, but for a fraction of the price.

One of my favorite spots for an Austin-away-from-Austin experience is Onion Creek in the very trendy Heights neighborhood. Onion Creek is an eclectic coffee house that turns into a laid-back lounge at night. It’s got great vibe, a patio shaded with huge Houston oaks, happy hour, and a kitchen that stays open late, all of which are characteristics the Creek Group is known for.

Onion Creek also has a fantastic breakfast menu and they open at 6:30 am seven days a week. It’s the go-to spot for a slow Saturday morning breakfast on their patio. My favorite is their homemade waffles.

The Heights experience is complete at Onion Creek thanks to its convenient location near the Houston Farmers Market. Houston isn’t exactly known for its farmers markets, a growing trend thanks to the crusade against highly processed food. But you can find anything you want in Houston. The Houston Farmers Market has a second location in Rice Village.

Check out Onion Creek next time you have a yearning for an easy outdoor lunch with great food and atmosphere. Linger with your friends on a Friday night, have breakfast in the morning and pass by the Farmers Market on your way home. Summer loves Onion Creek in the Heights.

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