Houston is Talking about Pondicheri

Residents at Gables West Avenue have been waiting patiently for all those lonely-looking commercial spaces to find owners. Things are getting cozy now that a gourmet pizza spot, couture bridal salons, and Tootsie’s have opened their doors. And the newest addition is causing some serious buzz.

Pondicheri went live a few weeks ago and Houston foodies are a-talking. In fact, I was still digesting my keema frankie when I saw their writeup in HoustonPress. This space is all industrial textures and warm colors to go along with its Indian street food-fusion menu. If you thought traditional Indian flavors and Gulf Coast cuisine could never find true love, you were so, so wrong.

Pondicheri’s complete menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections includes choices for Indian food fanatics and those looking for local fare–with a twist. Breakfast items include french toast with fruit and jaggery syrup and house-made saffron yogurt and fruit. For lunch, try the chicken frankie or the lamb mint burger, and always with the desi fries (amazing!). Breakfast and lunch are ordered at the counter next to the beverage station, where customers serve themselves water and tea out of rustic glass bottles.

Photos by Troy Fields, HoustonPress

At dinner time, things get fancier, with entrees ranging from $12-$22. Vegetarians will be happy campers as there are plenty of all-veg selections on the menu in traditional Indian style. However, you might want to take a cab because the wine list is extensive. That is unless you happen to live in a luxurious apartment just a few floors up. Soon we’ll need a crowbar to get West Ave residents out of their world of creative food fusions and high-end shopping.

If you haven’t been yet, you may want to get on it. People are talking about Pondicheri and soon you’ll need an appointment to get a spicy chocolate cookie and coffee.

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