It’s Here: Sprinkles Houston

Houston recently celebrated a most anticipated event: Sprinkles Cupcakes on Westheimer is official open for business.

In case you haven’t heard, Sprinkles is quite possibly the best “cupcakery” on U.S. soil. These one-of-a-kind cupcakes are so light, so fresh, so utterly delicious that Sprinkles enthusiasts have been known to eat cupcakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sprinkles first opened in Beverly Hills. It started as a boutique bakery and now, Sprinkles locations are popping up in key cities around the country. In fact, the Houston location is not the first Sprinkles in Texas. Dallas had it first…

…which is where Texas’s obsession with Sprinkles began. Dallas residents are so infatuated with the charming, delicious confections that it’s almost impossible to survive without them. I went through a serious Sprinkles withdrawal when I moved to Houston.

Houstonians should be proud to have their very own Sprinkles. There are only five other open Sprinkles locations in the country right now. Houston even beats New York, which won’t have a Sprinkles until 2011.

Sprinkles is famous for its chic, west coast atmosphere and its many cupcake flavors. There are well over 20 different cupcake flavors. You’ll find standard cupcake combos like red velvet and vanilla. But you’ll also find more daring flavors, such as banana cake with bittersweet chocolate frosting and chai latte. Even the more traditional flavors bear the Sprinkles touch: the vanilla is really a Madagascar bourbon vanilla cake with creamy vanilla frosting.

You can order cupcakes ahead of time as well as buy them in the store. You can purchase singles or a whole dozen. Sprinkles cupcakes are the perfect upscale touch for parties and weddings. You can also purchase signature Sprinkles merchandise, like cupcake trays, logo tees, hats, pet gear, and even doggie cupcakes!

I have to say, Sprinkles cupcakes are an indulgence and not just for your waistline. At $3.25 a piece, these are a far cry from your Shipley’s glazed donut. But they make great gifts everyone will love–you can even get Sprinkles cards! And, with a Sprinkles right here in town, just think of all the money you’ll save on gas. Dallas is a long way to go for a Sprinkles run. But it’s worth it.

Sprinkles is located in Highland Village
4014 Westheimer Road

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