Mo-stache Time

We can’t all be as foxy with a mustache as Mr. Magnum P.I. here. But that sure doesn’t stop some men from trying (see: John Travolta). But, what if you could actually sport a ridiculous mustache for a whole month, and when people point and laugh, you can say, in complete honesty, that it’s for a good cause?

Head’s up, fellas! It’s Movember time!

What the heck is Movember? Combining “mo,” slang for mustache, and the month of November, men get their chance to finally grow a mo while also raising awareness about and funds to support men’s health.

How in the world does growing a mustache raise money? Well, it’s a bit like Race for the Cure or Relay for Life, except the sprint in question is the growing of a mustache. You can donate, support a team, and register your participation with the site. And, your trademark new mo serves as a conversation starter about the issue for the entire month of Movember.

Movember funds are doing great things in terms of men’s health research. In fact,the initiative raised $42 million in 2009. Just 2009! This year, Movember donations will support LIVESTRONG and Prostate Cancer research. That’s a lotta good for just growing a ‘stache!

At the Movember website, you’ll find all the information you need to know about participating in Movember, including how to grow a mo, iPhone apps, style tips, and a lot more. You’ll also find it difficult NOT to grow a mustache once you discover the little-known truths about them at The Lodge, like woman are more attracted to men with mustaches (reference image above), they make you look tougher (reference image above), and that beards are in fact for the weak and lame (ahem, Brian Wilson). We WILL NOT fear the beard! Fear the MO!

So, I hope to see lots of mos around Houston this month. Who’s in?

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