Neighborhood Crash Course: Midtown

Before the revitalization of the Washington Corridor, Midtown was unchallenged in its position as the hottest neighborhood inside the loop. Now it has a bit of competition. But Midtown is still as cool as it ever was. If you’re looking for a trendy neighborhood where you can see and be seen, you’ll never need to set foot outside Midtown.

Basically, Midtown has it all. Here is where you’ll find some of the best restaurants in the Houston metropolitan area, the chicest clubs and nightspots, and premium housing. And when it comes to location, you can’t beat Midtown. You are literally on top of Downtown and minutes away from an entry ramp to almost any major freeway in Houston. This is an ideal neighborhood if you work in the Medical Center, Downtown, Montrose…basically, anywhere inside the loop.

One of the features that makes this neighborhood unique is its pedestrian friendly layout. Houstonians and visitors alike often complain about how limiting the city is for transportation. It’s almost impossible to get around in Houston if you don’t have a car while residents in other city’s can enjoy walking to their destinations if they choose. Midtown is one of the few Houston neighborhoods where you can have that experience. Upscale, urban housing is situated near popular restaurants, shops, and bars, making it easy to step out your front door and enjoy the area. There are also three METRORail stations in Midtown, so residents have their choice of alternative transportation options.

Midtown features the charming grid design found in many old city neighborhoods. Residents are experts at navigating a complicated web of one-way streets, with names like Chenevert and Chartres. It is situated among some of the oldest Houston neighborhoods and is home to many buildings registered with the National Registry of Historic Places. The streets are charming and lined with oak trees, perfect for Sunday afternoon strolls before the busy work week starts again. It promises ease and slower pace in the middle of a very fast-moving city.

You also have your choice of premium properties in Midtown. Favorites include the incredibly fabulous City Place Midtown, 2222 Smith Street, and Camden Travis. Properties in Midtown are the gold standard for chic, modern living in Houston, with incredible amenities, finishes, and design. It is the epitome of fine living with everything right at your fingertips.

This neighborhood literally has everything you could hope for. It has beauty and culture, style and comfort, location and convenience. It really doesn’t get much better than Midtown and everybody in Houston knows it. As a result, Midtown isn’t known for its affordability. But location is priceless.

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