Neighborhoods Crash Course: Uptown & Galleria

As if one downtown weren’t enough, Houston has two of them.

Downtown is literally and figuratively the center of it all. Executives love the glamorous high rises, sky walks, and cool tunnels. But Downtown lacks some essentials necessary for year-round residence. Uptown, on the other hand, has it all.

If anything, Houston’s glamorous Uptown neighborhood outshines the original Downtown. Not only is it more livable the downtown, it’s become the new center of this growing city. Uptown competes with Downtown when it comes to the presence of Fortune 500 companies and major corporations. Some of Houston’s leading companies in top local industries have offices there and it’s one of the best areas to live if you work in the nearby Energy Corridor.

And don’t be steered away by the western location. Uptown has great access to the other major areas of town for jobs. Honestly, you’re just a hop, skip and a jump from Downtown, the Medical Center, and Upper Kirby. And if you work in Uptown, you pretty much have your pick of Houston neighborhoods. With Southwest Freeway and the 610 Loop right there, you can almost anywhere in a pinch from Uptown. In a nutshell, Uptown is a sure thing for great jobs and an easy commute.

But one of the things that makes Uptown a favorite with young professionals in Houston is the glamorous shopping and dining. The Galleria of Houston is located in Uptown and is a marvel in its own right. Over three stores and three separate phases make up one of the country’s most famous and extensive shopping destinations. With luxury stores like Tiffany & Co., Vera Wang, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue, there is no better place to shop for fine goods in Houston. You’ll also find a high end hotel, The Westin Galleria, and posh office space. The Galleria is the Louvre for a shopaholic.
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If you do ever search the farthest corners of this extensive mall, there is even more shopping in Uptown. You can stumble on other great stores in the area, including Uptown Park, the famous Tootsies, as well as high end boutiques and stores.

Houstonians also love to live in Uptown so they can be close to the food. Some of the finest restaurants in the city are located in Uptown, so don’t forget to bring your wallet. Upscale spots like McCormick and Schmick’s and The Remington are perfect when you’re ready to get what you pay for.

Mostly, you have to love Uptown’s chic, urban feel. You know you’re in Uptown when you see the glittering arches, the circular suspended street signs, and the walls of water. The Williams Tower is a dead give away too. It’s classy and clean. It’s everything you hoped Houston would be in one, well-stocked neighborhood. And while Uptown definitely has some high dollar real estate and no-expense-spared properties, it is possible to live in Uptown without spending an absolute fortune.

Think Uptown is for you? Let’s take a look!

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