Pearl Bar

Some people think that trendy Washington Avenue is getting a little too big for its britches. In other words, things are getting touch too high brow on the corridor, what with some clubs and bars only letting certain people in, and charging through the nose for drinks, and just generally losing its laid-back, coolness. Washington Avenue has officially arrived.

But thanks to Pearl Bar, you can still have a darn fun night on the strip without breaking in your new heels. As one of the first spots to make a name for itself on Washington Avenue, Pearl Bar is still keeping it real. No formal wear required at this place.

Pearl Bar is known for its casual, unpretentious atmosphere. Everyone is welcome but the single crowd says there’s still great eye candy to be found at Pearl Bar. You can be yourself and dress down for this Washington Avenue hot spot.

Pearl Bar is popular for its great vintage dance music from the 80s and 90s. And people really do dance at Pearl Bar. But people really come for the patio. IT IS HUGE. And, you can spend the entire night under the Texas sky playing beer pong, testing your hula hoop skills, and brushing up on your flip cup game.

There are a few drawbacks. The interior bar is quite small but that doesn’t stop people from coming in. Pearl Bar is packed to the gills at the night. There are few places to sit and the line for the bathroom can wrap around the block.

However, if you come during the day time, it’s a completely different story. Pearl Bar actually opens at 4 pm on weekdays and at 2 pm on weekends. If you hit up the Pearl Bar patio on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, you’re bound to have the whole place to yourself and you’ll be able to take advantage of some great drink specials. Even though Pearl Bar has a solid place among the Washington Avenue favorites, few people realize that it can also be a great daytime weekend destination.

So if you can’t get enough of Pearl Bar at night, and you need some thing to do this weekend, check it out!

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