Sawyer Park

Some dark, smelly sports bars give the entire lot a bad name. But Sawyer Park is setting the bar way, way high. This spot sends up its love for sports of all kinds with more TVs than you can shake a stick at. But they’ve hit a grand slam with atmosphere, so much so that you can make this your hang out spot even if watching sports is your Medieval torture.

Sawyer Park has the modern touches of an urban sports bar with the breeziness of a beach front cabana. There are indoor and outdoor spaces, even though the outdoor spots are definitely the jewel in the crown. You can hangout with your friends on the upstairs patio, watch the sun go down and keep up with the scores. It’s the perfect spot for one of those warm spring nights you don’t want to waste.

You can also catch a great Happy Hour. None of this 3-5 pm business. During the week, Happy Hour is 4-9 pm and on Fridays it’s 4-2 am. Yes really! Happy Hour is a way of life at Sawyer Park. And they don’t make you stalk the one bartender to get your $2.50 beer either. You’ll get great service at Sawyer Park as they’re always well-staffed. Take advantage of their drink specials, eat great food (even crawfish!), never miss a play no matter where you are in the bar, and play pool with friends.

Sawyer Park is smack in the middle of everything with a prime location on Washington Avenue. It’s the perfect summer hangout.

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