Sometimes You Just Need a Cupcake

On bad days. On good days. On rainy days. On warm days. Any Houston day can be cause for a cupcake. And believe me, you haven’t really had a cupcake until you’ve savored one of Crave’s sugary masterpieces.

Crave Cupcakes are like little works of art. These gourmet cupcakes are as delicious as they are beautiful. Crave is a boutique bakery setting a new standard for indulgences in Houston and introducing some much-needed competition with Dallas’s famous Sprinkles bakery.

These cupcakes hardly feel like no-fuss versions of a real cake. Crave cupcakes are so elegant they’ve become the hottest new trend in Houston weddings. But they’re also comforting and familiar enough for every day. The industrial-chic decor of this functional bakery draws people from all over Houston all days of the week.

Crave cupcakes are baked fresh in the store every day. They are made without preservatives and hydrogenated oils, so in a way, they’re good for you? I’ll let you argue that in your head. The staff at Crave starts baking in the early morning and continues working on small batches throughout the day so you’re guaranteed a fresh cupcake no matter when you make it by their Uptown Park storefront.

And there’s always something new and different to try. I find myself dreaming about the cranberry orange cupcake. Try it with a cup of Crave’s gourmet coffee as an end-of-the-week treat with friends. Crave’s cupcakes are perfect for parties and special occasions. They even make great gifts for friends or clients. In fact, I might go get some right now for myse…I mean, for my next showing. Honest.

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