Southern Gothic in Downtown Houston

It’s Halloween year round at La Carafe in Downtown. This historic building-turned-neighborhood bar is one of the most-loved night spots in the entire city as well as a museum piece with a pinch of the supernatural.

If you want a comfortable, casual place with great beer and wine, better service, and loads of atmosphere and character, you can’t find a better bar in Houston. La Carafe has a staff of veteran bar tenders that are masters of their craft and one of the best beer and wine menus in Houston. Those who love this bar really love it and most people who make it to this landmark convert the second they walk in the door.

The jukebox oozes classics. The candelabras are drippy and warm. The antique bar and moldings are as dark as the shadowy corners, which may or may not be home to the ghosts of Civil War soldiers. To have a drink at La Carafe is to take a lesson in Houston’s long history.

More than 150 years ago, the building that is now home to La Carafe was a bakery serving fresh biscuits to war-torn Confederate service members. It’s been a fixture in Houston history and culture ever since. It was passed along for generations in the same family until it was sold in the 1980s. Luckily, the current owner is committed to preserving the integrity of the place.

October is the perfect month for visiting La Carafe if you haven’t already. It is a hallmark stop along Houston ghost tours and a regular site of seances. As the story goes, it’s haunted. But that doesn’t scare away the crowds. It’s the perfect spot for meeting new people and conversation. Even if you don’t care much for the Gothic, you need to put this one on your short list. Once you visit, you’ll understand why even the dead don’t want to leave.

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