Summertime and Livin’ is Easy

Last weekend, I had my first experience at White Linen Night in the Heights. Believe me, next August can’t come soon enough. What a whimsical, exotic night in Houston! Sure, linen wrinkles like nobody’s business. But you’ll want to hang on to that white linen shirt so you’re ready for next year’s event.

White Linen Night in the Heights is an annual event celebrating Houston artists and culture in the Heights. Artists set up on the street. There’s a parade with decorated cars. And 20 to 30 thousands Houstonians walk this streets in their best white attire, sip wine, listen to music, and schmooze. There’s even a fashion show in the middle of the street. My friends and I sampled wine and cheese, shopped antiques, took a ride in a rickshaw. You’ll feel like you stepped inside the Delorean and Tennessee Williams is behind the wheel.

White Linen Night in the Heights feels like an old, southern tradition even though it’s relatively new to Houston. White Linen Night was actually started in the Big Easy by our New Orleans neighbors. It was an opportunity to experience the culture and talent of the city on a sultry southern night while staying comfy in cool, white linens. After Hurricane Katrina, displaced New Orleans residents in Houston decided to continue the tradition here while their city was being rebuilt.

Many people might not expect to find such an extensive artist community in Houston. But the Heights is where it’s at. After all, the big industries in Houston are mostly science-based. The Heights actually has one of the largest artist communities in the country, much less the state and they’ve created a little haven for themselves in the middle of our fourth largest city.

If you missed White Linen Night in the Heights, don’t worry. It’ll be back next year. So put it on your calendar. It’s the first Saturday night in August, ever year, never fails. In the meantime, you can start immersing yourself in the Heights culture and community through the First Saturday Arts Market.

This Houston arts display and market is a monthly event. Every first Saturday. Every month. You’ll find it at 548 West 19th Street in the Heights. There’s food, art, shopping, and other goodies. Admission to the event is absolutely free and free transportation is provided for both White Linen Night and the Arts Market.

With events like these, it’s no wonder people love the Heights.

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