Ten More Reasons to Love Houston, Y’all

(As promised!)

So it’s another Friday night in Houston and there really are at least ten more things to love about this city. For example:

1. Everybody says “Y’all,” even the oil execs. Okay, maybe they don’t. But I’m guessing they do.

2. Architecture. Houston is known for its skyline and neck-breaking high rises, such as the Williams Tower. But there are fantastic little neighborhoods with historic homes restored to their former charm. 1920s bungalows. Victorian cottages. Montrose, the Heights, and even downtown areas have some great architectural neighborhoods that give you a glimpse of what it was like to be a Houstonian 100 years ago.

3. Small town feel. A New York friend recently said to me, “New York will make you hate yourself.” Hmm. Last time I checked, Houston doesn’t cause self-loathing. This city is so unique because almost anyone can thrive here. It isn’t drowning in over-population and a fight-or-die survival mode. You can relax and breathe…as soon as you get off the freeway of course. Houston has all the perks of a major urban environment, which it is, but it feels like a small town.

4. It’s family friendly. In most U.S. cities, you can’t raise a family unless you’re wealthy. Housing isn’t affordable and there’s almost no sense of safety or security. Kids growing up in LA, New York, or Chicago are growing up fast. But millions of people are raising families in Houston because they love the city’s laid back quality, family values, and slower pace. You can actually enjoy city life and family at the same time in Houston.

5. Southern hospitality. It really does exist, even in a city the size of Houston. the kindness and charm the south is known even exists in its cities and Houston is no exception. You’ll find that people are as warm here as they are in rural Texas. And they’ll welcome you with open arms.

6. Diversity. Houston truly is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the American south, much less the state of Texas. There are significant communities representing almost every ethnicity, nationality, and religious affiliation on the planet. This diversity influences the overall landscape of the city and making Houston one of the most eclectic cities in the lower 48.

7. Easy access to the rest of the state. If you live in Houston but you love Austin, guess what–you’re just three hours away. Houston is easy driving distance from all of Texas’s major cities, including Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, as well as Waco, Galveston, and even New Orleans. And with two major airports right in town, national and international travel has never been easier.

8. Two identities, one city. Many people thing tumbleweeds, desert, and cactus when Texas comes to mind. But that’s just part of the state’s history. Part of Texas’s identity is deeply southern, with Cajun influences spilling over from bordering Louisiana. Houston is cause right in the middle, where you’ll find evidence of Texas’s more western identity and its southern identity.

9. Nightlife. Maybe I’ve beat this one into the ground, but Houston has great nightlife. No really, it does. Best of all, it’s a lot less stuffy than the scenes in New York or LA, which means it’s a lot more fun.

10. Outdoor spaces. Houston is not as densely packed as your average American city, which means there’s a lot more room for trees and outdoor spaces. You’ll actually see homes WITH YARDS. And when I say “yards”, I mean outdoor spaces larger than your average living room. And, parks can be found all over the city, such as Discovery Green and Hermann Park. If you like being outside, you might not have to leave the city to get your fix.

There you have it! Ten MORE reasons to love Houston! And there are many, many more. One of them is NOT the summer heat but luckily that will be coming to an end. August is almost over so relief is near.

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