The 5 Best Things about Working in Downtown

Downtown is the center of business in Houston and it has a complex infrastructure to support the influx of people who work there every day. Some say it’s a ghost town after 5 o’clock, but downtown has lots of assets we’re all too quick to forget.

Those who work in downtown are in on some of the city’s greatest secrets and can enjoy them daily. Here are just five great things about working in downtown Houston:

– You might actually know where you’re going. Downtown utilizes the always-confusing grid layout that is popular in most major cities, but somewhat foreign to those living in the greater Houston area. Some of us never visit downtown because we have no idea how to get there or, worse, how to get out. But downtown professionals know the lay of the land.

– You can shop on your lunch break without getting in your car. Most downtown professionals are just a short walk or a train ride from shopping, errands and great restaurants. With the tunnel system, they can get around without ever venturing above ground and staying cool even in summer.

– Downtowners can use public transportation. Okay, you can use public transportation anywhere in the city if you really want to, but it might take a little work. If you work downtown and live near a rail stop, however, you might be able to take the MetroRAIL to work, since the existing line goes right through downtown. And, Greenlink is a recent addition to downtown transportation options that offers a free lift to key areas.

– Easy access to sports and entertainment is another great advantage. If you’re a hockey, basketball, baseball or soccer enthusiast, all of Houston’s professional teams play in downtown venues. If football is your game, you can catch the rail from your downtown office all the way to Reliant Stadium.

– Downtown professionals know about the great nightlife and dining secrets. Downtown has some really neat spots that are way off the beaten path and a breath of fresh air when Washington Avenue starts to feel like déjà vu, like Hearsay Gastro Lounge. Even if you don’t work in downtown, it’s worth exploring to find some new favorites.

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