The Black Lab

How far do you think you need to travel for some killer fish and chips? Or a rare beer. Or a cozy, authentic pub atmosphere. London? A British fishing village? New England, at least, right?


You can literally transport yourself across the pond if you’re ready and willing to brave the Montrose traffic. You can get all this and more at the Black Labrador.

The Black Labrador is a truly special British pub located right here in Houston. At the corner of Montrose and Richmond, the Black Lab is tucked away in a greens-covered building.

Here you’ll find a truly laid-back atmosphere that’s far from seedy. The environment is clean and even elegant in a rustic way. And the food is quite special. Top notch fish and chips, burgers, Shepherd’s pie, and all the pub favorites are on the menu and done right. 

Beer enthusiasts will find a few rare favorites behind the bar. And you can linger for hours over beers with your friends and never feel rushed. Enjoy a game of darts. Schmooze on the patio. You can also reserve their private room for meetings and parties for no reservation fee. The Black Lab is a pub with some class and a unique gathering spot.

Upstairs is another Houston gem, the Cezanne Piano Bar. Okay, so it’s a little pricey. They charge a cover and the drinks are on the high end. At least they don’t have a drink minimum. I hate that. But this jazz club is so cozy and intimate, you won’t find a better date spot in the city.

Cezanne is a favorite with jazz enthusiasts in Houston and you can really impress a jazz lover. And this is so much more than your average night out. It’s romantic. It’s classy. Places like these are getting harder and harder to find. Let’s be sure to hang on to this one.

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