The Flying Saucer

Okay, so The Flying Saucer is what you might call a “chain.” And it doesn’t really count as a Houston original since you can find a Flying Saucer location in almost every major city in the American South. But that just goes to show how awesome this place really is, and not in a Waffle House kind of way. (Nothing against Waffle House but you know what I mean…)

I don’t care if it is a chain and no one else seems to care much either. The Flying Saucer is a Mecca for beer lovers. Not much for wine tasting? Try beer tasting. The Flying Saucer has brews in countless varieties so they’re bound to have something you’ll like. Whether you like dark or light beers, this spot has something for everyone.

This philosophy includes their menu. There’s nothing worse than a dark, dirty beer tavern situation coupled with your standard bar food non-favorites. Chicken tenders. Soggy fries. Well-done burgers on cold bums. You know what I mean. The Flying Saucer is so firmly positioned within the exception realm that it has the word tattooed on its proverbial forearm.

They do bar food with a hefty twist over at the Flying Saucer, like beer brat nachos and beer cheese soup. They have delicious finger food, hot sandwiches, and fresh salads.You can even build your own snack plate. If you wanna show off your high brow beer knowledge, go with their fancy cheese pairings. Specifically, beer and cheese pairings. Yeah.

The Houston location is in downtown on the corner of Main and Capitol. They’re staying open late, folks, ’till 1 am during the week and 2 am on the weekends, so it’s never to late for a UFO sighting.

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