The Queen Vic – Houston’s Dressed-up Pub

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I’ve been driving by The Queen Vic for a while and meaning to venture inside. The gilded sign and charming terrace seemed worth a visit. But when it came time to pick a restaurant on Friday nights, this pub-with-a-twist never came to mind because it’s tucked away on Richmond, past the chaos of the Kirby intersection.

But, I finally made it. And I’m so glad I did. This place is pretty special. (The prices are not, but we’ll get to that in a minute.) After two visits, I concluded that everything on their menu is delicious. In other words, The Queen Vic is two for two.

It drew me in with the Indian Kebab burger, a ground lamb patty on a naan bun, oozing with bleu cheesy sauce and served with crisp fries in a charming little cone. (The Queen Vic does upscale pub food with an Indian flair.) The burger was juicy and bursting with surprising flavors. But if you lean toward smaller portions, you might want to bring a friend to share it with. Our naan pizza appetizer was also hit.

The bar is perhaps the best and the worst feature of the Vic. Their cocktail menu present fresh-tasting, old-fashioned-style cocktails that will have fan of Anvil relieved to find a second home. They also serve some off-the-beaten-path brews. But the prices. Things get a little scary when you start looking at the numbers following the dollar sign, especially when the volume of your $14 cocktail can be easily measured in teaspoons. They do have a few reasonably price cocktails on the menu, if you’re watching your pocket book.

The Vic’s decor has the darkness of a pub with a little bit of sparkle. Damask-style wall paper and pretty chandeliers wake things up a bit, without trying too hard. If you show up in grubby pub wear, you might feel a little under dressed.

Needless to say, this is one of my new favorite places, despite the bad parking and steep prices. However, I’ve already forgiven them and will definitely be back soon.


  1. Oct 19th, 2011

    James Harris

    I ventured out to Queen Vic’s Pub last Friday evening after a day of apartment shopping (with the spectacular Mackenzie Blair)! I went with a friend of mine and it was pretty great. From free valet to friendly waiters to absolutely delicious food (I had the Fisherman’s Curry), it was definitely worth the trip through the horrible construction zone on Kirby. The prices were a bit steep for cocktails. The average price for a glass of wine is $2-$3 more expensive than most comparable restaurants, but I found the appetizer and entree prices to be fair. I will definitely go back again, but preferably after they finish that darn construction! It’s worth a visit!

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