The Red Room: It Really is Red

If you think you’ve been to all the cool bars in Houston, believe me, you haven’t. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, I stumble across another night spot that literally takes my breath away. And the Red Room in River Oaks is no exception.

Tucked away and surrounded by offices and shops that bustle by daylight is this little spot called the Red Room. Go there as soon as possible, although you may have to hurdle a velvet rope to get in. So you may want to stretch.

This spot is so unique, so romantic, luxurious, and plush, you will indeed forget that you’re in the middle of Houston, Texas. Even the heat and humidity will not deter you from wallowing in the velvety cushions. The bold decorations are both edgy and modern as well as rich and old-world. It invites you to stay awhile. Maybe forever?

To call the music at the Red Room a variety would be an understatement. The DJ played a mix of techno, old favorites, and newer releases and he’s there on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The rest of the time, the music is more subdued and in the background. If you don’t feel like moving to the music, you can always escape to the lovely courtyard and observe the goings-on from the outside. Sip one of their delicious drinks under the stars or make a spot for yourself on one of their fancy sofas.

However, you were warned. This is River Oaks, after all, so you can expect a more mature, affluent crowd at the Red Room. It’s a very exclusive night spot for the who’s who of Houston’s most grandiose areas. You won’t find beer pong tournaments on Thursday nights or horseshoes on the patio. This place is the real deal. But a visit to the Red Room shows you the other side of Houston’s identity, one that is extremely refined, urban, and exotic.

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