The Run-Around

Whoever said Houston is the fattest city in America clearly never observed Rice University at lunch time on a Tuesday, or even a Wednesday or Thursday, perhaps even a Saturday morning, when the runners come out in droves. This is a city with some seriously dedicated runners, some of them may even be of the granola-eating variety. I know the “Fattest City” label is based on some form of highly technical statistical analysis. But surely this enviably thin, health conscious sub culture counts for something. Right? RIGHT?!

Houstonians love to run and this is a great city for doing just that. Oh, but what about the hot, humid climate? What about notoriously pedestrian un-friendly design? These obstacles are no match for the devoted. There are many beautiful parks in Houston with great hiking, biking, and jogging trails. Here are a few favorites:

  • Memorial Park. Tons of trees and great scenery to occupy the mind while breaking a sweat. However, it’s not centrally located. But, runners who vote for dusk jogs prefer Memorial due to better lighting and security. 
  • Hermann Park. A Japanese garden, a pond, Miller theater. Hermann Park is a favorite with runners in Houston, with trails that gravitate to the center of the park. Perfect for daytime runs as you may encounter undesirables after dark. 
  • Rice University. Arguably one of the best running trails in Houston. You’ll love the shade during your 3-mile run. Great parking, unpretentious company, and a farmer’s market on Tuesdays in the stadium lot makes grocery shopping for the week a breeze. 
  • Discovery Green. Discovery Green’s jogging trail is reportedly more modern and cultivated than some of the more natural trails in the city. But joggers love the hip, eco-friendly atmosphere and downtown location.
  • Buffalo Bayou. The Sabine to Bagby Trail at Buffalo Bayou is one of the newest hike and bike trails in the city, with beautiful water views and great lighting.

Now, no runner would dare venture to any of these premiere jogging spots without the proper footwear. And there’s no better place in the city to suit up for a run than Fleet Feet in Rice Village. The knowledgeable staff at Fleet Feet will analyze your running style and help you choose the perfect shoe.

A well-fitting shoe customized to you is one of the best ways to prevent injury, which in turn keeps you on the trails. The Fleet Feet staff helped me find the perfect shoe and at a great price. Many seasoned runners Houston list this spot as their choice for premium running gear, so be sure to check it out next time you need a new pair of shoes.

We’re coming into some nice weather (finally!) so time to hit the trails, folks!

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