Treat Yourself

Houston humidity is the enemy. I know Texas is known for big hair and flashy clothes (where do you think the term “buckle bunny” comes from?), but this is not season one of ‘Dallas.’ We’ve got both feet in the 21st century, here. But my hair didn’t get the memo.

That’s right, I am one of Big Hair’s countless victims, but not by choice. My mop has been known to literally defy gravity and only an hour’s worth of blow-drying and straightening (with two different kinds of straighteners) can convince it to step back from the edge. But I think you know where I’m going with this: once I step out the front door, it can be a Texas-sized mess before I get to my car.

Fellas, you may not be able to sympathize with the ladies on this issue. But humidity is the nemesis of good hair. Every gal wants silky, healthy looking hair that bows down to their every command. And Houston weather makes hair-styling a little bit like herding cats. All this could be coming to an end, however, with the arrival of the Brazillian Blowout at several Houston salons.

The Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing treatment that gets frizzy, curly, process, dry, or damaged hair back in line without causing further destruction. The process does not require the use of harsh chemicals or formaldehyde. At the end of the 90-minute treatment, your once unruly hair is silky, smooth and soft, with loads of body. None of this board straight business. This treatment is the hottest hair treatment in Hollywood and, believe me, it works. I tried it.

I decided to reward myself for all my hard work this summer and had this treatment last week. I can testify that the results are truly amazing. My hair looks and feels incredible and I don’t have to spend hours sweating under a straightener anymore. It still has body, and I can wear it straight or wavy. After lots of styling and product use, my hair was in shutdown. But now it’s restored and I can’t tell you how pleased I am.

Okay, no, that’s not me. But it more than represents what this treatment can accomplish. It starts at $350 and can cost as much as $600 depending on the length and thickness of your hair. But if you have long standing issues with your mop, the Brazilian Blowout can be a long-awaited answer to prayer. And it lasts for 12 weeks. That’s enough time to get you through the entire Houston summer.

My treatment was done by Britney at K. Renee Salon in Upper Kirby. But you can check here for other salons in the Houston area offering the Brazilian Blowout. Check it out. You deserve it!

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