Umm, Because It’s Free?

Big city life has tons of perks. Everything is at your fingertips. Restaurants. Clubs. Shopping. Events.

And…city life can get a little pricey. And the cost of living isn’t exactly going down.

So what are we supposed to do? Become shut-ins? Lurk around our downtown Houston apartments buffing our granite counter tops to a mirror shine? I think not.

There are many great things to do, even in a city like Houston, that don’t cost a cent. (And no, when I say ‘free’ I’m not factoring in the cost of gas in order to travel to and from aforementioned ‘free’ activity. Unfortunately.)

In fact, lean times present the ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the arts…because museums are almost always free. And Houston has enough museums and art galleries to choke a small horse.

One of my favorites is the Menil Collection. The Menil Collection is a truly unique stop in the Houston arts scene. It’s carefully tucked away in the Museum District. It has a quiet seclusion that almost makes you forget you’re in the middle of Houston.

I love the modern architecture of the buildings themselves. They’re beautifully situated among mature Texas trees and oaks. The stark white walls and angular details are dramatic and contemporary.

But the collection itself is the true attraction. The Menil Collection is known for its modern, contemporary, and pop art pieces. You don’t have to be an art history buff to recognize many of the pieces. I think most of us know an Andy Warhol when we see one. But the collection also includes art from many other periods as well as historical artifacts. You’ll also find visiting exhibitions at the Menil Collection.

The Menil Collection is a great way to spend a scorching summer afternoon without breaking the bank. The best part about this uniqiue Houston museum is you don’t have know much about art to enjoy the experience. Many museums and galleries can be intimidating. The Menil Collection is definitely the creme de la creme, but you’re bound to find something familiar.

Impress a date without spending a dime. Go with friends. Or even go by yourself for a little quiet time. The Menil Collection is a rare Houston gem.

Find information about visiting the Menil Collection here.

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