What Not to Wear to the Rodeo

The Rodeo is just weeks away. And you may be panicking about what to wear. Maybe you’re new to Texas, and you don’t have much in the way of western attire. Maybe you want to break the mold this year. Or maybe you just don’t want Clinton and Stacey showing up at your office with their big metal trash can. Whatever you do, don’t wear these things to the Rodeo:

1. High heels. Ladies, they look great but you will want to saw your feet off at the ankles by the end of the night. Sure, the rodeo is a seated affair but unless your chauffeur is letting you out at the curb, you’re in for some serious walking between your car and the stadium. You were warned.

2. Starched jeans. This goes for ladies and gentlemen alike. If the pressed crease in your denim looks sharp enough to cut through barbed wire, it’s time to relax. Save yourself some money at the cleaners and wash your jeans at home, hold the starch. Starched jeans just look downright uncomfortable.

3. Bedazzled clothing and accessories. The rodeo can certainly be about sparkle. Texas is known for glitz and glamor. But glittering belts, boots, hats, blouses and the like are over-represented at the rodeo. If you want to stand out, wear nothing bejeweled and you will glow like the north star.

4. Artist merchandise, whether they are performing that night or not. We’ve all been tempted to fork over $30 for a black t-shirt with Reba’s face screen-printed on the front. The excitement of the show and $8 corn dogs can be intoxicating. But this is not the true faux pas. If you own  a music artist’s t-shirt, resist the urge to wear it to the rodeo the next year. In fact, resist the urge to wear it ever. Retire it to the pajama drawer where it will live happily for eternity.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is ripe for thrilling and hilarious people watching, as well as some interesting and disheartening fashion choices. What fashion cliches do you see in the corridors of Reliant year after year?


  1. Feb 16th, 2012

    Meredith Crockett

    Mom jeans. Do ladies not know they are the “butt” of every fashion joke out there? Save yourself the snickers and burn em.
    Also, flip flops are a big NO-NO. Seriously, if you’re going to the Rodeo, why wouldn’t you wear your boots? And if you don’t own boots, why would you wear shoes that expose every inch of your fragile foot to endure the pain of 250 lb men stopping their steel toes on your fresh pedicure?

  2. Feb 21st, 2012


    I couldn’t agree more MCrockett!

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